Caleb Plant and Canelo Alvarez buried the ‘war ax’

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Caleb Plant and Canelo Alvarez buried the ‘war ax’

Two weekends before in Las Vegas, Saul Canelo Alvarez united all the belts (WBA, WBC, WBO, IBF) in the super middleweight category. The great Mexican defeated Caleb Plant, who suffered his first defeat in his professional career (21-1-0).

The American boxer signed the capitulation in the 11th round. By the way, there was a certain "evil blood" and high tensions between Plant and Canel long before the match took place. In the second half of the ninth month, Canelo and Plant did a confrontation, and a conflict arose that is atypical of both fighters.

The boxers then watched each other for a while, and then the conflict started. It also passed with a cold look without moving, only to suddenly the Mexican raise his hands and push his next opponent away from him, frustrated by the things Plant had told him.

Still, Showtime shared an interesting video via its Youtube channel that included footage of conversations between the two boxers, shortly after the match. Canelo told Plant that he was a good fighter, and Plant retaliated by saying he was sad.

Still, Canelo did his best to comfort his opponent. ‘‘ You have no reason to be ashamed. You're a great fighter, man. I'm sorry about everything. At the end of the day, we are boys and we are men. I'm sorry about everything, "said the great champion Saul Canelo Alvarez.


Caleb Plant took the opportunity to apologize to Canel for the insults he made in the weeks before the match. When I called you ‘Motherfu**er’, I didn’t mean to talk about your mother, because I don’t have a mother.

My mom died. ’’ The American boxer explained, to which Canelo added: ‘‘ You have a really good and wonderful family. You are my family. " Truly a beautiful and touching moment by two warriors who provided 11 rounds of great boxing.

Of course, "trash talk" and raising tensions are part of the game in martial arts, but moments like this are much more valuable and serve as an example of how two athletes should behave at the highest level. There are fewer and fewer things like this in the world of sports today because it is obvious that such things "do not pass" and in order to arouse interest, you have to use various means to increase your popularity. Canelo and Plant are adult men who have shown extreme maturity and athletic behavior