Jake Paul wrote off a rematch against Woodley

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Jake Paul wrote off a rematch against Woodley

We can hardly know how Tyron Woodley has been feeling lately about his martial arts career, as he has turned posts on social media in a different direction, more family-oriented than before. But what we do know is that he certainly hasn’t lost the desire to do a rematch against Jake Paul, primarily for financial reasons.

Indeed, Woodley, despite the defeat, got the easiest money in his life in that match, so we are not surprised that he wants to do it again. After all, he tattooed “I Love Jake Paul” on his finger, which was the main condition for it, but he would obviously have to come to terms with the fact that there would be no match.

This was confirmed by Paul in an interview with a TMZ Sports reporter. As before, Paul was extremely arrogant, and obviously, he managed to deceive Woodley, which most expected. "I don't care. By the time he got the tattoo, we had already moved on to the fight against Tommy Fury, that is, we started negotiations and finally arranged the match."

"Besides, I don't think people want to watch Tyron against Jake Paul again. He had his chance, ”are words the former UFC champion won’t be happy to hear.


On December 18, he will fight Fury, which is a match different from all so far.

Now, for the first time, he will have a boxer against him, and the defeat against him could harm Paul in the continuation of his career. His opponents so far have been people outside of boxing or worn-out MMA fighters, so Tommy Fury is definitely one step ahead.

"Everyone tells me I need to fight a real boxer so here we are. We're as tall, we weigh equally, we're just as old, he's 7-0 and his brother is legend Tyson Fury." "He's been in boxing all his life and definitely my toughest opponent until now.

But I'm definitely coming for his head, he chose the wrong moment to fight me, "Jake confirmed his intentions in that match. Paul is confident and it is obvious that such tactics have passed him by so far, so he wants to continue with that.

Paul knows very well how to arouse interest in marketing, and attract people to follow his performances. The Paul brothers are top experts in this. Still, a defeat by Fury would change the image he has created in his performances so far. Now in front of him is a trained boxer, who will have no mercy on Paul