Bellator has serious plans for Fedor Emilianenko

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Bellator has serious plans for Fedor Emilianenko

Although it might look great to end his career with the victory he achieved in his last performance, Fedor Emelianenko did not decide at that moment to leave his gloves on the floor of Bellator's cage. The 45-year-old great fighter delighted everyone, including his employer Scott Coker, who immediately found out about his plan, according to which he intends to fulfill his contract to the end, which means another fight.

"We are planning something truly special, a huge event in Russia, where his farewell will be in the foreground. We need to send him into retirement as close as possible to what his incredible career as the greatest heavyweight in history deserves," Coker commented in an interview with MMA Junkie on Fedor's performance and plans for the future.


After two years off the field, the legendary fighter showed that he can still get the audience on their feet, the victory over Timothy Johnson reminded everyone of his best days. "It was great to see him again even though he's 45, where he's still able to hit that kind of three-stroke combination like when he was 25.

It was amazing and the hall just exploded." "It was like Rocky's ending, wasn't it? But, we will have something like that one more time and it will be something massive ", the president of Bellator was delighted, who added something more about that last performance: "We will probably do it next summer and he will be in Moscow.

He wants to fight in Russia for the last time so we will do it. We have some great plans. It will be a massive farewell. It will not be a normal fight, we will do it for him something special and we're starting to plan for it now.

" For a 45-year-old, a break for so long is not very desirable, but it probably all came in agreement with Bellator. After all, it is unlikely that Bellator will make a fight in which Fedor's opponent will have some great chances.

They are matchmaking masters where a certain fighter has to win, even though they have failed a couple of times. But Fedor himself should not allow this to happen to him in the last fight. Whoever was across from him, we’re certainly only in one, it’s going to be one special spectacle.

Most still want to watch such a fighter in the ring, and regardless of the opponent, the match will be very interesting