Kiko Martinez showed dominance in the fight against Galahad

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Kiko Martinez showed dominance in the fight against Galahad

The rule of Kid Galahad (28-2, 17 KO) from the throne of the IBF lightweight category lasted only one match, ie only three months. The British boxer born in Qatar as Abdul-Bari Awad ended up knocked out already in the first defense of the title, thus recording one of the visually heaviest defeats of a world champion in 2021.

The 31-year-old Galahad had a tailor-made opponent in the main fight of the Matchroom event held in Sheffield. It was 35-year-old Kiko Martinez (45-10-2, 30 KOs), a man who held the world title in super bantam in 2013 and 2014 and by many the best Spanish boxer in history.

But also a boxer for whom many have commented that he did not deserve this opportunity and that his best days are behind him. Apparently further motivated by such comments, Kiko came to Britain to dethrone their favorite


The match that immediately offered action, Galahad opened better, took control and boxed for four rounds.

He opened a cut above his opponent's eye and everything led to the justification of expectations, a convincing victory. However, in the fifth round, just before its end, the brave Spaniard found his moment. He connected the combination with which he threw Galahad into trouble and would probably have finished him already then if the end of the round was not near.

Still, the time in the corner between the fifth and sixth rounds was clearly not enough for him. Already with the first blow in the sixth round, he hit where he needed to and finished the job. Galahad was on the floor with no chance of returning to the match, and Martinez was able to celebrate a very unexpected ascent to the world throne, the second in his career.

Martinez once again showed how great a fighter he is, and that the next opponent will have big problems. He was moving great, he was hitting great and he looks unstoppable at the moment Alycia Baumgardner made sure that this was not the only surprise at the same event, thanks to whose performance Britain was left without two titles at this event.

She defeated Terry Harper with a break in the fourth round, taking away her WBC super featherweight title. This was not a good night for British boxing, but we are glad to see how it is still possible to welcome surprises. Matchroom’s matchmaking lately is the way it allows it.