Jake Paul responded to Chimaev's call out

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Jake Paul responded to Chimaev's call out

The popularity of the new UFC sensation Khamzat Chimaev is growing rapidly. Accordingly, Chechens are becoming increasingly interested in the fast-growing trend in martial arts. Namely, Khamzat started calling out the Paul brothers via Twitter, globally known YouTubers who are now trying to build a boxing career.

"I can smash these guys same night," the Chechen wrote, enclosing a photo of the Paul brothers. Khamzat currently hopes to perform in December this year, after easily beating Li Jingliang in late October. It is unknown at this time who will be his next opponent and could UFC give him a chance so fast.

However, Chimaev is obviously wasting his time by calling out YouTubers, so he followed up on the post shown above once again. "And they know about it!", Wrote Khamzat, and this time he published a photo from one of the training where Logan Paul was also present.

Of course, Jake Paul did not remain silent, that is, he could not ignore these provocations. The 24-year-old has four professional boxing matches behind him (4-0), and at the end of the eighth month, he celebrated against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Jake likes to provoke UFC fighters with statements that they don’t really know how to box, and he did that this time as well. '' Listen Kumquat… you are just another UFC fighter pretending you can box.

Sit down, shut up and pray you get paid fairly. '', YouTuber responded via Twitter


Chimaev told Paul that he is "number one bull-s*it" and posted another picture, this time with photoshopped stuffed heads of the Paul brothers.

Clearly, Khamzat Chimaev’s popularity is still nowhere near enough for the UFC to allow him such exhibitions, especially when we consider the strained relationship between the Paul brothers and UFC President Dana White.

Of course, fights like this don't even make sense for Khamzat, who is taking big steps towards the very top of the UFC welterweight category, and in time he could do the same in the middleweight category. As for popularity, true, Chimaev is not yet a megastar within the UFC, but it is interesting to note that a fighter with four UFC appearances has more followers on Instagram (2.8 million) than Kamaru Usman (2.7 million), one of the UFC’s most dominant champions.

Chimaev is working on his promotion and obviously has great ambitions, and self-confidence is there We’ll see if he can get to the very top of the UFC