Fedor Emelianenko wants a match against Roy Jones Jr.

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Fedor Emelianenko wants a match against Roy Jones Jr.

One fight is left for Fedor Emelianenko in his contract with Bellator. There are growing speculations that the legendary Russian MMA fighter could retire after that match. Still, Fedor doesn’t seem to be considering a full retirement from martial arts.

"Last Emperor" is interested in a boxing match, more precisely in the exhibition against Roy Jones Jr. The American boxer is an icon of the sport, and despite being 52, Jones is still in quite a respectable shape.

He made his last official appearance in 2018 by defeating Scott Sigmon, and late last year, we had the opportunity to watch Jones in an exhibition against Mike Tyson (a draw). '' I have great respect for him as an athlete, a person, and a legend.

He is one of the most remarkable boxers of all time. Of course, it would be a great honor to perform in such a fight." "I am interested in such matches. There are a few things we need to do. We need a promotion that is ready to organize such a match and we have to discuss the conditions, '' Fedor said in an interview with the Tass portal.


However, Fedor points out that this would be a match in which the fighters would not go with one hundred percent of their abilities, that is, they would not place blows with full force. "We will probably not give in completely to the blows.

But even without the strongest punches, Roy Jones can show all his skills. I hope I don’t look pale compared to him. " "The winds are now blowing in various directions (interests are versatile, op.a.). I think this fight would be interesting to many.

But there is a lot of traps, including people who will look at this negatively, "Emelianenko added. By the way, Fedor has long been interested in the match against Jones Jr., who is also one of his fighting idols. We last saw "The Last Emperor" in a cage on October 23 when he defeated Timothy Johnson in the first round of the fight at the Bellator 269 show.

Time will tell what’s next for the MMA legend. In any case, the fight would be very interesting and would arouse great public interest, given that they are both legends of this sport and that they have a lot to offer and show.

Of course, age is a big problem and it is clear that they are not at their peak, but their strength is still there, and we would probably enjoy a great match.