Jake Paul does not see Usman as a threat in boxing

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Jake Paul does not see Usman as a threat in boxing

Jake Paul seems to immensely enjoy calling out and belittling boxing skills when it comes to UFC fighters. It could be said that Ben Askren is the main culprit for that because, with the defeat against Jake Paul, he opened the door to this whole trend.

Tyron Woodley in no way helped with his horrific performance at the end of August this year. Paul sent a message to Khamzat Chimaev yesterday, telling him that he is just another UFC fighter pretending to know how to box.

Kamaru Usman, the UFC’s welterweight champion, is another name to be found on the young YouTuber’s wallpaper. Namely, there is a certain history of conflicts between Jake and Usman. Paul called out the Nigerian after the win over Woodley, and Usman had told Paul earlier that he could change his life in the worst way.

Jake Paul after Usman’s last appearance in which the Nigerian celebrated against Colby Covington, believes Usman would be an easy bite in the boxing ring. '' He barely beat a welterweight. He received a lot of blows.

He's getting older if I'm not mistaken? He is 35 years old and I think that comes to light. He came out of his ‘prime’. It would be an easy job, '' Paul began. By the way, Kamara Usman often talks about the boxing match against Canelo Alvarez.

Unfortunately for him, UFC President Dana White has written off that possibility and Kamaru may forget about the match against by many the best boxer in the world.

Paul on Usman

Jake Paul thinks Usman has nothing to look for in the ring or against him, not to mention Canelo.

'' You know, I respect Canelo and his boxing skills, but as far as Usman is concerned in the boxing ring as I said, it's an easy job. Look what I did to Tyron Woodley, a five-time UFC champion." "I don't know how many times Kamaru won/defended the belt (six times Usman fought for the UFC belt and won each time, op.a.).

I know he beat Woodley, but boxing is something completely different." "It would be easy to do that job, '' added the confident YouTuber. By the way, Paul has played four professional matches so far and has celebrated all four times in those fights.

His next performance is expected at the end of the year, on December 18. Tommy Fury (7-0-0) will be his opponent, and after that who knows. The chances of it being Kamaru Usman are minimal given Usman’s contract with the UFC.