Tyson Fury gave an opinion regarding the match between Tomy and Paul

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Tyson Fury gave an opinion regarding the match between Tomy and Paul

A few days ago, John Fury announced that his sons should work together next month, that is, that Tyson Fury will be in the corner of his younger brother Tommy when he enters the ring to have a match against Jake Paul. Although Tyson has not yet confirmed this, he is very attached to Tommy's match and together with him, he analyzes Paul and what it takes to overcome him.

And Tommy Fury is an early-stage boxer who, unlike some of Paul’s earlier opponents, has no luxury of defeat. Paul is still, despite his popularity, such a boxing status that losing to him probably means saying goodbye to the status of a serious boxer.

Tommy claims for himself that one day he intends to be a world champion, so it is clear that defeat is not an option for him, no matter what fee he will earn. "I think it's a very good fight for everyone who intends to watch it.

And there will be a lot of them. A lot of people are interested in this match," said Tyson, pleased that his little "brother" will be part of a match that will gain his popularity. And so early in his career.


No one disputes that this is a match of a slightly lower level, but we have already concluded from the experience with Jake Paul that this is not a big problem for the people who follow him.

After all, Tyson added a sentence with which the match could be sold. "We have two young undefeated guys. I'm really looking forward to having a chance to watch it. It's going to be a great night and I think Tommy will knock him out," the announcement read, adding that the younger Fury won't like it if he doesn't live up to WBC champion expectations.

"I don't want to show disrespect to Jake Paul, but I'll tell you what I told Tommy. If he can't knock out Jake Paul, let him fly to a foreign country and stay there, because in that case, he's not coming home."

He will have the opportunity to do something like that through the eight rounds of the match scheduled for Dec. 18 in Tampa, Florida. He should have a good enough advisory team in his corner to accomplish this. If not, his fee will certainly be enough to purchase some real estate in warm regions. In any case, an interesting match is ahead of us