Teofimo Lopez belittled Canelo's success

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Teofimo Lopez belittled Canelo's success

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has achieved tremendous success. With the victory over Caleb Plant, he became the absolute champion of the super middleweight category, which would mean: the owner of all four elite championship belts.

At the same time, he became only the sixth man with this achievement since the introduction of the WBO belt as the fourth in the mentioned group. Before him, it was done by Bernard Hopkins, Jermain Taylor, Terence Crawford, Oleksandr Usyk and the current absolute champion of the super lightweight category, Josh Taylor.

You don't notice one name on this list for a reason. That of Teofimo Lopez Jr., the current WBA, WBO, and IBF lightweight champion. This great young boxer has another belt next to them, the WBC franchise. It is absolute WBC nonsense, a belt that was introduced two years ago for no real reason, and was awarded to Vasyl Lomachenko and Canelo Alvarez.

It is a belt that the WBC can assign to someone at any time and transfer to another boxer at any time. So, it is not a belt that is won by victory or lost by defeat. We may perhaps explain it as a temporary champion belt, but for which a boxer doesn’t have to fight to win it, but is only awarded with that.

In short, the WBC realistically, according to its rules, a franchise champion can declare any of you currently reading this text. After the victory that Lopez achieved last year against Lomachenko, the WBC made the decision to transfer it to him.

The purpose of introducing that belt was attempted to be explained earlier this year by WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman.

WBC belt

"The WBC introduced this rule a couple of years ago. The franchise champion is a special privileged status that the WBC can give to the current WBC champion, who is an elite boxer but also who has achieved the highest possible stature in this sport.

You can't be franchise champion with the win or lose in a particular match. In fact, it was created as a rule to reflect the reality of our ever-growing sport.We adjusted this rule a bit after Teofimo Lopez demanded that he get that status if he beats Lomachenko.

He succeeded so we gave him franchise status within the WBC "light categories," Sulaiman said that way. Since the WBC has its lightweight champion, 22-year-old undefeated Devin Haney, we can say without pardon that Sulaiman said some nonsense, such as the daily "modus operandi" of boxing leaders.

Let's just remember the situation with the WBA regular and super champion belts, another absolutely "joke" of elite boxing organizations, which now simply does not need to be explained here. The main topic here is the chaos created by the WBC and at the expense of which the Lopez family, ie Teofimo and Teofimo the Younger, belittled and devalued the huge result that Canelo Alvarez achieved last weekend.