Logan Paul on Tyson: "It's not cool to beat an old man"

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Logan Paul on Tyson: "It's not cool to beat an old man"

In the second half of last month, rumors began to circulate louder about the match between Mike Tyson. The legendary Mike is in the phase when he is open to various exhibitions, and he is aware that a match against YouTube would bring him big profits and a much lower risk of serious injuries and consequences.

Logan Paul on the other hand "got his wings" after the draw against Floyd Mayweather in the sixth month of this year. That match was also an exhibition and doesn’t spoil Floyd’s official boxing ratio.

It’s important to note that Logan Paul is physically much bigger and bigger than Mayweather, and he made good use of that advantage most of the match, forcing clinching and procrastination. In a match against Mike Tyson, YouTuber would not have had such an advantage.

Tyson is in excellent physical condition again, which he presented in the eleventh month of last year, during the match against Roy Jones Jr. Although the potential match between Logan Paul and Tyson is being talked about more and more, there is no official confirmation yet.

Logan was given the opportunity to give a brief overview during a press conference held by his brother, ahead of the match against Tommy Fury. '' Mike Tyson is too old. What would happen if I fought him? Would I beat an old man? That's not cool, "Logan said.

He underestimated Tyson

Paul underestimated the once greatest boxer and believes he would have a huge advantage in such a match. Most are aware that Tyson is not the same, of course, because he is in the serious years of his life, but it is likely that he still has the strength as before.

'' Brother, what are we talking about? He's too old. I have cat-like reflexes. I love Mike, I can't hide it, but I think I can beat him. " Logan, 26, seems to think he can’t get much in the match against the 55-year-old.

Of course, it's hard to believe that YouTuber would have beaten Tyson if Mike had been serious in that match, but the fact is that almost everyone in Logan's victory would have pointed out that Tyson is too old or that it's a setup match.

However, perhaps these statements are just Logan Paul’s tactics to truly attract Mike to the match. In any case, they will both take a lot of money if there is a fight, which is certainly their primary goal