Whyte’s coach convinced his boxer could beat Fury

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Whyte’s coach convinced his boxer could beat Fury

Will Dillian Whyte be the next challenger for the WBC world heavyweight title, the one owned by Tyson Fury, or the only one not currently held by Oleksandr Usyk? A difficult question and an even more difficult answer. Whyte has already been skipped enough times when it was thought that his opportunity was coming, but this time everything was arranged so that he can rightly hope for it.

After canceling a match against Otto Wallin due to injury, Whyte could be ready to start preparing for Fury in his recovery. And there is no doubt how excited he is about that match. Like his head coach Xavier Miller after all.

“It’s actually a match I’ve always wanted for Dillian,” Miller said in an interview with Pro Boxing Fans, continuing, “And I’m very happy to be talked about right now. I can’t wait for the opportunity to try against Tyson Fury and his team."

"As a coach, it’s a huge challenge for me. But that’s what I love and where I love to test myself, the highest level. Plus, Dillian has everything it takes to master Tyson Fury.


The fact is that Whyte would be a big outsider, but as a boxer who likes to enter every match openly, he would definitely provide the necessary excitement for the fans.

It would be a match that would not be difficult to sell for real boxing fans. Miller also tried to answer where Tyson could create problems for Fury, that is, what he thought he needs to have to win against Gipsy King. Fury has shown in his matches so far that he has a solution for everything but the power of Deontay Wilder’s shot.

But he also managed to get through it and come to two wins and one draw. "It's going to be a hell of a fight. Dillian is capable of so much, so much that Tyson has never seen in his career. Aggression, the ability to counter, bodywork, and that fantastic straight that Dillian owns."

"It would be an extremely difficult fight for Tyson. Dillian has not yet had a chance to fight for the world title and he will be hungry to get it, ”he confirmed his thinking. The WBC is expected to be able to order that fight soon, but it will certainly talk to Fury before then.

He has previously stated that he has no interest in fighting Whyte, but it is also clear that there is no more relevant fight for him at the moment. It is also a question of when he intends to rest. He has already stated that it is not important for him to perform too often, which he proved with a great performance after a year and a half break.