Canelo Alvarez praised the resistance from Plant

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Canelo Alvarez praised the resistance from Plant

In fact, it is rare to be surprised by another convincing victory of the currently probably best boxer in the world. Canelo Alvarez finished the job against Caleb Plant in the 11th round of the match. Until that moment, he kept the match under control, with several lost rounds, probably of a tactical nature.

The American was a brave opponent, he fought and did not give up trying to find his chance. He did not welcome his chance, but he did receive praise from his opponent. "Caleb is a good fighter. I have a lot of respect for him.

He was a tough opponent who has a lot of qualities and that's why I respect him. At the end of the day, we are both men." "He wanted to fight me, continue the match even when the match was stopped. I told him he had nothing to be ashamed of.

We had a great fight, "Canelo said immediately after the match. As he became the absolute champion of a category for the first time in his career, ie the owner of all four elite belts, the question arises as to what follows.

Canelo is not the type we’ve watched too many times defending his belts, he’s always going for something new. Will he do it this time or will he choose the middleweight or light heavyweight division, knowing he has already held the championship titles in both?

Next move
When they asked Canelo he gave by many the actually expected answer.

That is, the answer to that particular question is currently not able to offer. "What I know is that I will only fight in May because my body needs a rest. I need a rest. I need to recover so there may probably be a month in which I will fight again," Canelo confirmed his intentions.

Of course, the Cinco de Mayo weekend will not pass without him next year either. Yet, as it’s been six months, a lot of new things could really happen. Surely a minimum of three months will pass before Canelo chooses an opponent for his next match, and it’s really hard to guess what his decision might be.

Somehow it seems to us that something he has not encountered so far is still in the foreground. Light heavyweight and then an attempt to win the title in the "cruiser"? We would not be surprised. We know his qualities and he would surely dominate in other categories as well