Usman compared Colby and himself to Ali and Frazier

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Usman compared Colby and himself to Ali and Frazier

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman makes no secret of cultivating certain respect for Colby Covington. Usman pointed out that fact even before the fight, and the respect is even greater after today's match. They spent almost a full 50 minutes together in a cage.

Although Usman has celebrated both times, Covington is definitely his toughest opponent and makes Usman better. ‘‘ As a competitor, I respect him. It is the second-best guy in the category. He is incredibly tough and very, very solid.

Let’s be honest: Muhammad Ali needed Frazier." "You can be the biggest one, but there will always be that one guy pushing you. He's that guy. As much as many people, including me, don’t like him outside the octagon, you have to respect him as a competitor, ’’ the champion told the assembled media after the UFC 268 event.

If Covington is truly the second-best fighter in the category, it is possible that in time there will be a third opportunity to attack the belt. Usman has nothing against it. ‘‘ I don’t know if we’re going to fight again.

The guy is tough. It's all up to him. If he’s willing to do his job, I’m still here, we’ll do it. ’’ Kamaru added.


Today’s match against Colby was Usman’s third appearance this year.

He is one of the most active champions within the UFC. Three fights a year is no small feat for an MMA fighter, and especially for a champion who always fights with the strongest possible competition. Kamaru points out that he now needs some rest and socializing with his family.

It is obvious that he is tired of everything and that he needs a rest after hard training and match. ‘‘ I need some time with my daughter. She fainted during my fight tonight, so I don’t know. It lets me know that I need to give her some time."

"This is special for me and I want it to be impressive for her as well. I was gone for almost 10 weeks, but I have to give her my time. I can’t even think about fighting at the moment, ’’ explained Usman, who definitely deserves a break.

It is obvious that Usman wants to focus on some other things, for which he has not given so much time and attention so far. He is aware that family is what is primary, and it seems that Usman could retire and dedicate himself to his family to the maximum because he achieved everything he wanted in his career.