Two top boxing matches scheduled in the 1st week of December

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Two top boxing matches scheduled in the 1st week of December

While we haven’t got a pairing of currently biggest stars of probably the most exciting professional boxing category, the lightweight category, exams like the ones Devin Haney and Gervonta Davis got should bring top matches and besides matches where the popular duo be absolute favorites.

What is even more interesting, these two young lions will enter the ring day after day, on the first weekend in December. The first to enter the ring will be 22-year-old Haney (26-0, 15 KOI) on Saturday, December 4th. It's a date that Haney has been trying unsuccessfully to find an adequate opponent for a while.

He eventually took advantage of the situation created by Ryan Garcia’s injury. Namely, he was supposed to fight against Joseph "JoJo" Diaz, who was left without an opponent that way. Haney’s team, led by Eddie Hearn, contacted Diaz’s representatives and so their match was arranged.

Haney will bring in the only belt Teofimo Lopez miss, the WBC's, in the match against 28-year-old Diaz (32-1-1, 15 KOs). Diaz is currently the second boxer of this category according to BoxRec, although he is actually a newcomer to it, from the semi-lightweight category, where he held the IBF champion belt.

He is a very awkward, fast, and agile boxer and thus another interesting exam for young Haney, who, despite his youth, has already achieved great results. On account of that, many believe that by the end of their career, they will build the status of one of the greatest ever.

Just a day later follows the exam for 26-year-old "Tank" Gervont Davis (25-0, 24 KOs), one of currently the most dangerous fighters in the lightweight categories and Floyd Mayweather's most talented guy.


The very exciting Davis returns to the category where everyone actually wants to see him, and his match was unfortunately jeopardized for a while.

Namely, he was originally supposed to fight Roland Romero, another exciting hitter. Yet last month Romero found himself in legal trouble after several allegations of sexual abuse. There was no choice but to remove him from the biggest match of his career.

As there was enough time left before the clash to prepare well, the opportunity to reach the WBA regular zone, which Davis will defend, was accepted by Isaac Cruz (22-1-1, 15 KOs). The 23-year-old Mexican is just one of a series of exciting young fighters in this category, and he accepted the challenge motivated by a great run of victories over Diego Magdanel, Jose Romero, and Francisco Vargas.

These victories brought him to eighth place in the rankings according to BoxRec, but realistically it would still be a little lower since due to inactivity Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos Jr. were removed from it, while Davis on BoxRec was ranked in one category above.

Lopez and Kambosos will return to the standings after completing their match scheduled for November 27th. As for this fight, there is no doubt that lightning boxing awaits us between a vicious knockout and a representative of the aggressive Mexican style of boxing. The Davis-Cruz match will be hosted by the Staples Center Hall in Los Angeles.