Junior Dos Santos signed for boxing promoter (SJAM)

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Junior Dos Santos signed for boxing promoter (SJAM)

After being considered one of the best boxers among MMA fighters in general for years, Junior Dos Santos will finally get a chance to show off among real boxers as well. Eight months after terminating his contract with the UFC, the 37-year-old former UFC heavyweight champion made a move to show where he sees himself in his next professional appearance.

It will be a ring, which he will enter with large gloves on his hands. Junior has signed a contract with the promotional agency S-Jam Boxing, which announced its acquisition via its Twitter profile: "A UFC Heavyweight Champion, who holds the ??????? ??????? ?????? in UFC heavyweight history ...

Welcome to SJAM, J ??? ??????. @junior_cigano will be co-managed by SJAM Boxing alongside Nilo Effort. Stay tuned for fight news " Although it seemed that JDS could find himself in the wrestling ring, after two appearances at AEW events, it seems that he has a greater desire for a real fight.

Dos Santos wants a big match

And it also seems that he does not intend to be a passer-by in boxing, he goes there with the greatest possible ambitions. We can conclude that from his statement addressed to the three best and most popular heavyweights at the moment.

"Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury ... I truly believe that a match against one of them will happen. At some point, I will have a big match against one of these guys and I will beat them," is Dos Santos' first official statement after a decision to continue his career was revealed.

It is up to Junior to prove as soon as possible that he has a place in the ring. And if he intends to get to the point where he can even think about a match against any of the above, it’s clear he won’t be able to have too many easy warm-up matches.

He will have to immediately face more serious competition. And who knows, he might be able to break through, if not to the aforementioned trio, then at least to a few more famous names. This decision of his, which no one expected, is certainly interesting, and we will see if it turns out to be a good one.

It is obvious that Dos Santos still has a winning spirit and strength in him and that he is still seen in the world of sports. Whether he will do well or not, we do not know, but given the qualities he possesses, he should not have a problem in the new organization.