Fury's team want to help Joshua prepare for the match against Usyk

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Fury's team want to help Joshua prepare for the match against Usyk
Fury's team want to help Joshua prepare for the match against Usyk (Provided by Sport World News)

Quite disappointed was Tyson Fury, as was his team, when Anthony Joshua lost to Oleksandr Usyk in late September. "Gypsy King" was hoping for a big match against Joshua. With the exception of the four belts (WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO) that AJ owned, the fact is that he is probably the most popular heavyweight in the world.

Tyson Fury did his job against Deontay Wilder, and if Joshua had beaten Usyk, we would almost certainly have watched the spectacular match between the two Britons. All this is currently falling apart, and Joshua is primarily waiting for a rematch against Usyk.

Tyson Fury offered Joshua a chance to train together to prepare him for the rematch. Still, Joshua in a recent interview with IFL TV didn’t seem to take the offer seriously, especially since Fury said he didn’t want any money for the service.

SugarHill Steward, Tyson Fury’s head coach has now also touched on the subject, and Fury and his team seem to continue to insist on helping Joshua.

Fury's team want to help

'' We're 100 percent serious about helping Joshua in training camp.

We want him to beat Usyk because we want Fury to fight Joshua." "It’s something that all boxing fans in the world want as well. It is not some kind of deception, ploy, or joke. We want to help because Joshua is capable of beating Usyk in a rematch." "This is nothing new.

In some past times, boxers traveled to different halls to seek help. This is a sport and we have to look at it that way, '' SugarHill Steward said, then explained the importance and magnitude of the fight between Joshua and Fury.

'' Let's not forget that when the heavyweight division is strong, the whole boxing is strong. The biggest fight in the sport is Fury against Joshua." "We all know how much that fight would mean to this sport. It can't get any bigger than that, '' Fury's coach added in an interview with Talk Sport.

Interesting are the statements of Fury and his team intending to help Joshua. The question is how sincerely they want to do it, but since they are benefiting from the fight against Joshua, we will believe in the sincerity of their actions.

Joshua will have to prepare better this time if he wants to be in the ring with Fury again. No one doubts that he will really do his best. Whether Joshua will do it himself or with the help of Fury's team (which we doubt) remains to be seen