Logan Paul had a conflict with a passerby who provoked him

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Logan Paul had a conflict with a passerby who provoked him

Older brother Paul is back in the media and public spotlight these days after rumors have started that he will do a match against Mike Tyson. The man who actually started the YouTube boxing mania made big money with his exhibition against Floyd Mayweather Jr., and now he will try the same against perhaps the most popular boxer in history.

Logan, unlike his brother Jake, has no professional ambitions in his plans, his earnings are in the foreground and he actually does it very well. What he doesn’t handle well are the criticisms, especially those directed from ordinary passers-by or fans.

Thus, at the press conference before the match with Mayweather, he almost dealt with one man from the audience, and according to the latest recordings, we can conclude that this would have happened if he could have approached that person.

The situation mentioned in the paragraph above happened in front of a nightclub when Logan came out to sign some autographs and talk to the fans who came to see him.


The problem arose when one of the passers-by presents, with his head lower than him, asked him if he was a pu**y.

Logan reacted to this by approaching him, grabbing him, turning him around, and then hitting him a few times, which we can see in the video of one lucky man who filmed it all. Obviously, Paul was very frustrated and he was really provoked by the statement, so his reaction is not surprising.

Logan was accompanied by his friend Mike Majlak, with whom he hosts a podcast. He first separated Logan and the passer-by, then pushed him away several times, and then ordered the guards to remove him from the scene. Regardless of the fact that Logan was obviously under the strong influence of alcohol, such escapades show a problem with ego control, which he might need to work on.

Both brothers had to be aware that with their popularity and their statements, they would provoke such reactions at some point. They are aware that their “trash talk” is the best tool and that it brings them huge money, so they decided to stick to it and raise their popularity day by day.

Like all celebrities, they have a large number of people who do not like them and who want to express their frustrations in this way, but the Paul brothers should not have such reactions, because it will greatly damage their reputation.