Jake Paul doesn’t stop provoking Dana White

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Jake Paul doesn’t stop provoking Dana White

As a rule, Americans celebrate one of the craziest nights of the year in public. Of course, it's about last night's "Halloween, for which almost everyone will dress up. Most often they do it in the company of family, either just for a photoshoot or to go to some organized party.

One of the first people from the martial arts world to decide to brag about their choice this year is Jake Paul. And a bit expected of him is that he decided to do it with provocation. As a victim of the same, he chose the person he disguised himself in, UFC President Dan White.

He decided to refer to last year's case that appeared in the media when White was blackmailed by a Brazilian stripper and her boyfriend by publicly publishing a video of a sexual act, in which the aforementioned stripper and the UFC's main man were involved.


Paul and his girlfriend decided to recreate one of White's earlier photos, writing "Happy Halloween from Dana White and his hookers" in the description of the photo. What Paul didn’t recreate but personally inserted was a bag of white powder that said “(UFC) Unlimited free cocaine,” or unlimited free cocaine.

And the line on White's or Paul's face indicates consuming the same. Paul and White have been arguing for some time, despite White saying he has no plans to have any dealings with YouTube and that the latter will not be fighting in the UFC or against any fighter under contract with his promotion.

He used to make an exception by allowing retired Ben Askren, but now he claims that it will not happen again. He has a similar attitude towards his former boxing employer Triller. What probably won’t stop for a while are Paul’s provocations.

After all, such actions are part of his image and what has gained him great popularity at the expense of which he is now doing until recently unimaginable things in the world of martial arts. This time, too, he managed to make the public laugh, but also to provoke Dan White, who will surely have a certain reaction to Paul's attempt.

We will see what White's reaction will be and whether Paul succeeded in his intention. Anyway, we’re used to seeing things like this from him and his brother, and obviously they don’t intend to stop doing what made them so popular But we'll see how long that lasts.