Jake Paul added a bizarre clause to the match against Tommy Fury

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Jake Paul added a bizarre clause to the match against Tommy Fury

An official confirmation arrived last weekend. Jake Paul will play his fifth professional boxing match against Tommy Fury (7-0-0, 4 KOs). He is the half-brother (same father) of the much more famous Tyson Fury, currently the best boxer in the world.

Tommy, despite his modest boxing career so far, is an extremely popular person in Britain. He gained fame by participating in the reality show "Love Island" Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have been calling each other names on social media and for a long time.

Although Tyron Woodley did his best to get a rematch against Paul, Jake seems to have turned to other opponents. However, according to John Fury (Tommy’s father), the YouTube star uses rather bizarre clauses within the contract.

'' They're weird. The contract is bizarre. If I went through everything they put in the contract, we would be here all day, '' John Fury told BT Sport Boxing. Still, the father of Tyson and Tommy Fury doesn’t believe in Jake Paul’s chances, and accordingly, they agreed to all the terms.

"I said 'yes to everything they offered because I know Jake Paul can't beat Tommy, whatever he does," John Fury added.


One of the bizarre clauses is that Fury changes his last name if he loses. The idea came from a statement by Tyson Fury who said it would force him to make such a change if he lost to Jake Paul.

If Tommy loses, within 30 days of the match, the British star will have to apply for a name change to '' Tommy Fumbles '' 24 hours after the match, the name will have to be changed on social media, and immediately after the fight they will have to start using that name in interactions with the media.

However, Jake added one clause that goes strongly in Tommy’s favor, but only if he wins. Namely, Youtuber will pay an additional $ 500,000 if the Briton is better in their match. The fight of two inexperienced boxers, but big stars, will take place on December 18 in Florida.

Obviously, Paul is using tactics as before. With strange clauses in the contract, he tries to provoke even more, but also to scare the opponent, who thus has additional pressure. But if Tommy is like a brother, he won't have a problem in this match, but of course Paul shouldn't be underestimated, because he showed that he knows how to box very well.