Jake Paul finally arranged a match against Fury

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Jake Paul finally arranged a match against Fury

Although Tyron Woodley did everything he could to win a rematch against Jake Paul, and thus another big financial injection at his own expense, the former UFC champion obviously belongs in the past when it comes to the career of the popular YouTuber and increasingly popular boxer.

Jake Paul has a new match ahead of him, the one that somehow sounded the most realistic right after the match he played against Woodley in August and in which he registered a victory by referee's decision. Paul is waiting for the first true boxing professional in his career.

It's about Tommy Fury (7-0, 4 KOs), 22-year-old half-brother of Tyson Fury, who started building his rivalry with Paul even before his previous performance, held at the same event where Paul and Woodley fought. Fury then defeated Paul's teammate Anthony Taylor by referee's decision.

As we mentioned, the younger Fury is a professional, but his opponents so far have been far from quality boxers. He deserves his popularity more thanks to his participation in a very popular TV show among the British, Love Island.

Fury's family

But boxing is a family tradition, so it has never been disputed that he will do it. After all, he did his first professional boxing match at the age of 19. This year, he returned to active training and performances, so his match against Paul will be his fourth in 2021.

Tommy is otherwise very close with Tyson Fury and that is why "Gipsy King" recently announced that Tommy will be forced to give up their last name in case he loses to Paul. That statement sparked a lot of public interest, especially because Tyson sounded pretty serious as he made the statement.

What is certain is that it will definitely help him in the preparations for the match. This will be Paul's fifth match, and it is obvious that with each new appearance he is heading towards more serious competition, at least according to the boxing references that his opponents have.

We’ve seen a few weaknesses against Woodley, for which it’s unclear why the former UFC fighter no longer worked to use them. The match will take place on December 18 in Tampa, Florida, and there is no doubt that the entire Showtime television show will abound with a few more quality boxing matches.

However, this one will arouse the greatest interest, and it is obvious that Paul is attracting attention and that he can do it.