Anthony Joshua wants to advance in other segments of boxing

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Anthony Joshua wants to advance in other segments of boxing

What no one could ever blame Anthony Joshua for was his athletic spirit. The best heavyweight in the world has always behaved in that true Olympic spirit, and nothing has changed even after the defeat by Oleksandr Usyk, the second in his professional boxing career.

The first encounter between the super-heavyweight and heavyweight gold medalists from the London Games is not something that Joshua will remember for the best, but he does not shy away from the fact that he nevertheless learned something.

Sam is aware that he had poorly prepared tactics, but he admits that he actually wanted to show something that he failed to do, and that turned out to be the wrong approach. "I'm a fighter in 12 rounds, and in the fight between Fury and Wilder, a couple of weeks later, you could see the energy starting to lose after only two or three rounds."

"That's not what I thought was the right way to box. I started working on different elements of my boxing to make him look the same in the 12th round as in any other, ”Joshua said in an interview with iFL TV, adding: "Obviously the point was to get into the match and use my natural predispositions.

But after so much time in my career, I started thinking that I should progress in certain areas that were weaker for me." " I do not consider all this a waste of time, I learned a lot of new things. I learned how important the front straight is, how important the exits and feints are."

"I got to know the real difference between punches from the counter and counterattacks. I just added myself to the sweet science of boxing. "


As mentioned above, the tactics had to be better. Many agreed that Anthony had lost his identity, that is, that he had ceased to be a striker, one who sought a knockout at all times.

"This match is just another proof of that claim that styles make fights, and I chose the wrong style. That doesn't mean I'll come and wave like a lunatic next time, but I know I possess some qualities that can create a bunch of problems for him and many others."

"Remember that Usyk was a heavyweight who dropped into the lightweight category. He probably realized he was one of the smaller heavyweights and decided to build in." "He had over 400 amateur matches and people were trying to beat him in various ways.

Having only one style is crazy. I only have one thing on my mind now, and that is war." "That's what boxing should be. I've learned that when you constantly hit people, they'll figure out how you're here to do the job.

That's all I need." "I have a path to take and I intend to take him where he doesn't want to go," he said