Whyte wants a match against Fury right away

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Whyte wants a match against Fury right away

About a week ago, Dillian Whyte canceled a match scheduled for October 30 against Otto Wallin. He cited a shoulder injury as the reason, and in the end, the Swede was left without a performance, hoping to get a chance to win a temporary WBC belt when his planned opponent recovers.

Meanwhile, Wallin promoter Dmitriy Salita expressed suspicion of Whyte's injury, saying Whyte canceled the match for fear of defeat, after which he could be left without a match against Tyson Fury, who should belong to the temporary belt holder.

As this is exactly Whyte, he believed that the Briton was ready to wait some more time and then do the aforementioned big fight. "Otto Wallin's match against Dillian Whyte should be given a new date. Whyte should not be allowed to skip the match against Otto, only to fight Fury as a prescribed challenger immediately afterward," said Salita, whose boxer was also prescribed by WBC as Whyte’s opponent.

Still, the WBC can very easily make a decision that the match is no longer in play, all depending on when Tyson Fury would be ready to defend the title. Of course, Fury must, as a rule, accept the challenger assigned to him by the WBC, and so far he has not expressed much interest in fighting Whyte.

On the contrary, he openly stated that he was not interested in that match. Information is emerging these days revealing that the fear of Wallin’s promoter is justified. Whyte is currently considering a recovery, but after that he intends to arrange a match against Fury immediately.

In short, Otto Wallin is no longer on his radar, which shouldn’t really surprise us. We don’t remember when any boxer waited so long for a fight for the world title as was the case with Whyte.

Arum on Fury

He won the WBC interim title back in July 2019, which, according to the rules, should have done his next match for the right one, but that has not happened yet.

In the meantime, he even managed to lose the same temporary title to Alexander Povetkin, but he managed to return it in this year's rematch. That Whyte isn’t the only option for Fury, after all, revealed Fury’s American promoter, the indestructible 89-year-old Bob Arum.

He only participates in Fury’s matches if this one is boxing on U.S. soil, and it looks like “Gipsy King” will make it back home this time. "The decision with whom Fury will fight is only his decision.

If the fight is in the UK, I think Whyte could be an opponent, but so can Joe Joyce," Arum told Sky Sports. The decision should, as a rule, belong to the WBC, but Fury can always reject their decision and leave the championship belt, which he told it means nothing to him.

Of course, this would not be in the interest of the organization itself, because they will also have higher earnings as long as their champion is someone of Fury's popularity and reputation. So, the decision will be primarily his, both on the date of his return to the ring and on the issue of boxers who will try to take away his title.