Gokhan Saki returned: ‘Rebel’ demolished the opponent with low kicks

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Gokhan Saki returned: ‘Rebel’ demolished the opponent with low kicks

Just over two weeks ago, news echoed from Glory that the legendary Gokhan Saki would step into their ring again. The 38-year-old "Rebel" last competed in kickboxing in 2015, and we haven't seen him at Glory since 2014 and winning the belt and Grand Prix in the light heavyweight category.

Most were surprised by this news, but also most were happy about it, because Saki is a fighter we have watched for years and in whose fights we have enjoyed and loved this sport. Saki decided it was the right time to come back again and show that he still has the strength and will to be on the biggest stage.

Turns out he made a good move judging by the start Very soon after signing the contract, Saki was given the opportunity to perform. As there have been some changes in the schedule due to the cancellation of Alistair Overeem, Gokhan Saki was given the opportunity to fight James McSweeney, a fighter that our Antonio Plazibat was originally supposed to fight.

Although it was visible that Saki was a bit rusty, his left low kick was constantly hitting the opponent's legs, and in the end the Briton knelt down from "Rebel's" low kicks.


The end of the fight came after just over two minutes within the second round.

Saki thus came to the 82nd kickboxing victory in his career and the 59th stoppage in total. By the way, this is Saki's 99th kickboxing match in his career and we are looking forward to what he will prepare in Glory for his jubilee hundredth professional appearance.

Obviously, Saki always knows how to box and he is ready just like before. Of course, it is difficult to be the same fighter, but it seems that in these 5 years he has not really rested and that he planned his return much earlier.

Saki is in good shape, and we'll see how he goes on, and if he can give us more games like this A great knockout was recorded by another Turkish representative at yesterday’s spectacular event in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Serkan Özçağlayan in his debut for Glory, after only 58 seconds knocked out American Matt Baker. The middle-class fighter smelled blood very quickly and hit the American with a series of blows. In the end, Serkan hit brilliantly with his left hand, the American ended up on the floor well shaken, and although he got up, that was the end of the fight for him.