Malik Scott is frustrated by the accusations against Wilder

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Malik Scott is frustrated by the accusations against Wilder

Twelve days have passed since the great match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. Although the impressions have slowly subsided, the actors of the fight, as well as their coaches, are still interesting to the media and the boxing community.

So Wilder coach Malik Scott got a chance in a conversation for Blue Blood Sports TV to look back on the match. Scott claims that a turning point actually happened in the third round. Fury then sent Wilder to the floor for the first time, and coach Deontay Wilder claims his fighter’s balance was no longer the same after the blow he received in the ear.

‘‘ The first knockdown was not like the others. He was affected in a different way because after that he looked unstable. It’s as if his balance has been disturbed after that punch, but that can’t be an excuse for defeat."

"His balance was in danger after Tyson hit him with a very good shot, but Deontay got up. ’’ Scott said.

Reasons for defeat

By the way, Deontay Wilder also talked about that moment in some interviews. However, whenever Wilder talks about the reasons for the defeat, he is immediately accused of looking for excuses.

Malik Scott is frustrated by this. ‘‘ Stop attacking Deontay, get it over with. Leave him alone for the first month. He did not say anyone cheated and did not say he was caught unprepared." "He mentioned he got hit in the ear, but that’s not an excuse, but something that happens in boxing.

The narratives that are created around Wilder and the accusation that he is looking for excuses are so unfair to him." "He didn’t say anyone did anything wrong, he just mentioned how he was hit by a good shot that left him unbalanced, ’’ Scott explained.

Still, one has to consider how Deontay Wilder himself brought himself into a situation where each of his statements is classified as an excuse. After the second match, he poured a series of accusations against Tyson Fury, ranging from those of using a blunt metal object in gloves to arguments that his legs had failed due to the overweight suit in which he stepped into the ring.

Still, this time he suffered a defeat that will have consequences for him, but we have no doubt that Wilder will return as soon as possible because we must not forget all the victories before these, but Fury was simply better and showed his dominance