Lopez and Kambosos finally agreed, Eddie Hearn took things into his own hands

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Lopez and Kambosos finally agreed, Eddie Hearn took things into his own hands

For almost the entire year 2021, there was a rumor about the match between the WBA, WBO and IBF lightweight champion, Teofimo Lopez, against the prescribed challenger George Kambosos Jr. Triller, the organization that took over the organization of the match through a fee auction, found themselves in a situation they failed to control, and after another failed attempt to organize the match, they gave it up.

They paid the boxers the amounts they were obliged to pay them as compensation as a contract and left the match to the one who had an offer below theirs at the mentioned auction. It’s Matchroom Boxing by Eddie Hearn, who had an interest in doing this match from the start.

Mostly because Lopez holds all the titles in this category except one, the WBC one that belongs to Devin Haney, perhaps Matchroom’s leading exhibit for the U.S. market.

Matchroom boxing

Bringing a three-title match to the Matchroom show would certainly bring Lopez and Haney closer, which in fact has already happened after they already met last week at an Eddie Hearn event.

In the meantime, a match has been officially arranged to be held on November 27 and will be hosted by the Hulu Theater Hall inside Madison Square Garden in New York City. The transfer rights were given to DAZN, otherwise the main partner of Matchroom Boxing.

After the victory against Vasily Lomachenko, by which he united the three belts, Lopez was left without a match for almost the whole year, primarily due to the already mentioned problem with Triller and their inadequacy to control this situation.

Kambosos waited patiently, knowing that this was not only an opportunity for him to win big, but also a career fee, which he would earn even in this option with Matchroom, which should pay the boxers slightly lower fees.

Considering the "penalty" paid by Triller after they withdrew, the Australian can be satisfied. Teofimo will enter the match as a big favorite and he is already thinking quite loudly about what will follow him after Kambosos.

Many would like to see him in a rematch against Lomachenko, Hearn wants to pair him with Haney, and his main promoter Bob Arum wants to move him to the welterweight category, where he would attack absolute champion Josh Taylor.

He will have time to think about all this after the match that he has to do before that, and which has finally been agreed, and we believe that this time there will be no cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances.