Timothy Bradely: ‘The match against Ruiz ruined Joshua’

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Timothy Bradely: ‘The match against Ruiz ruined Joshua’

The defeat of Anthony Joshua by Oleksandr Usyk remains a topic. The importance of the same even increased a little after Tyson Fury's victory over Deontay Wilder, that is, after it was confirmed that Joshua's stumble prevented a match that had been worked on for a long time and that everyone wanted to see.

In short, Fury did his job, and that’s something his compatriot failed to do. There could be several reasons, and one of them was put forward by former world welterweight and welterweight champion Timothy Bradley in an interview for Fight Hype.

He believes the problem is in the mentality and the way Joshua accepted defeat. "Fury and Joshua have a different mentality. Joshua is perfectly fine, he seems to be completely reconciled to defeat. Yes, he needs to be big in defeat, but somehow he took it all too easily for me."

"It's not easy to train when you carry the whole world on you. It's not easy to stay focused or hungry. Success weakens your mind over time, and it happened to him before the fight with Ruiz. Then he destroyed him," Bradley is convinced in his own words.

He added that this is the reason for Joshua's more shy approach to the match, an approach in which he did not use what should be his advantage. "That match destroyed his self-confidence, since then he has been afraid of being hit.

He doesn't want to enter exchanges because he is afraid of receiving a blow. That's why you don't even see him attacking or hitting so much," he explained.

Mental nature

Of course, this is something that can change, especially since Joshua is still quite young for a heavyweight.

But, as Bradley thinks it is a problem of a mental nature, so he believes that Anthony must first solve his problems with himself. "Usyk is one of the smaller heavyweights, but he has a good shot, but Joshua is bigger than him and he should behave like that.

It almost seemed like Usyk was bigger, all because of the mentality." "Joshua has to change that, and the only way is to talk to himself. Only he can fix it. He has to ask himself where is that man who fought Klitschko.

Where is he?" "If he pulls such a boxer out, then he can beat someone like Usyk. This is how I got the impression that he started well, but when his plan started to fail and he accepted defeat in the middle of the match."

"It was as if he had told himself that he had already lost and that it was nothing terrible and that he had a rematch clause ", is another interesting thought he presented. Joshua activated the mentioned clause immediately after the end of the match and as things currently stand, this rematch should come in February or March next year.