A close encounter between Teofimo and Haney resulted in a fierce five minutes

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A close encounter between Teofimo and Haney resulted in a fierce five minutes

At the Matchroom event held in California, something happened that partially overshadowed the program that was taking place. The two young champions, owners of all lightweight titles, met face to face. These are, of course, Teofimo Lopez and Devin Haney, who found themselves in the company of their fathers and friends at the event.

Haney is a fighter under contract with Matchroom, while the same promoter recently took over the organization of Lopez's match against Georges Kambosos Jr. They both found themselves there to see Eddie Hearn. We don’t know if the meeting was part of Hearn’s kitchen, as he was also present at the time, but in any case, he could in no way negatively affect his promotional ambitions.

The duo that most fans want to see together in the ring behaved polite enough to avoid a physical confrontation, but they also said a lot to each other. A special story was the fathers, otherwise, very temperamental Teofimo's father.

and Bill Haney, who slowly started negotiations for a potential match. It is known that this match also has one opponent, unfortunately, a man whose word will be one of the key ones. It’s Teofim’s main promoter Bob Arum, who wants to move his champion to the welterweight category early next year, where he would fight the absolute champion, Josh Taylor.

Top Rank

Taylor is also a boxer under contract with his Top Rank so such ambition should come as no surprise to anyone. DAZN and Matchroom will definitely be working on this match, although before that they are trying to arrange for Haney to meet another very good boxer of the same category for December, Joseph Diaz, who is under contract with Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy.

The category offers a lot of good matches, but the question is when and whether they will be realized, especially while Teofimo is thinking about changing the category, and through several different patterns, Gervont Davis.

We just shouldn’t have too much hope, knowing what needs to happen to make a match between two strong boxing names under contracts with different promoters. As we have stated many times, this is a normal picture of today's professional boxing.

Although it is certain that such a match would be a real spectacle and attract the attention of most boxing fans, where we could expect a real fight full of energy and desire. Of course, as long as there is any chance, we hope that such a match will take place