Spanish outsider shocked Mikey Garcia and inflicted his second defeat of his career

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Spanish outsider shocked Mikey Garcia and inflicted his second defeat of his career

A well-known problem in boxing is the fact that the most famous boxers, if we do not count financially big matches and title matches, usually have opponents against them who, judging by previous references, should be easily overcome on the way to new big challenges.

This all leads to a lack of big matches, or a much smaller number of them than could happen. But matches like the ones we mentioned sometimes bring big stories, big surprises. One such thing happened this weekend in California.

Mikey Garcia (40-2, 30 KOs) played his first match since February last year when he defeated Jessie Vargas by a unanimous decision. The former world champion of four different categories so far had a defeat only from Errol Spence, in a match where he was a physically smaller boxer.

No one expected 28-year-old Spaniard Sandor Martin (39-2, 13 KOs) to surprise him. This, however, happened thanks to Martin's brilliantly prepared tactics. First of all, it is worth mentioning that Martin has played two matches since the last performance and that was obvious.

"Ring rust" happened to Garica, who did not show his standard boxing in the first rounds of the match. Martin moved a lot and chose shots very well and thus did not allow Garcia to relax, and after that, he found the distance from which he would work best.


That’s actually the best description of the first couple of rounds. A Spaniard who is much more active, although defensive, and who counters very well. Garcia woke up briefly in the middle of the match when he finally showed his striking skills several times, but soon Martin took control again at the expense of his movement.

The match was arranged for ten rounds, and entering the last four gave the impression that it was a draw or Martin had a small advantage. And there it was as if the 28-year-old had started some extra engines. Seventh and eighth were his best rounds of the match, during which Garcia was surprised by real punches several times.

Mikey returns in the ninth, certainly his best round of the match, while the last brings an open clash in which statistically Martin scored more and better. After the match, a decision was expected, which should be a big surprise, and it happened.

Martin won 97-93 with two referees, while one scored 95-95, ie five rounds each. Most media and analysts agreed with these two cards that brought the victory to Spaniard. A victory that takes him to the opportunity to arrange a big match, while Garcia will have to ask himself what went wrong.