Thai kickboxer put the GOAT to sleep with a spectacular knockout

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Thai kickboxer put the GOAT to sleep with a spectacular knockout

Martial arts often write spectacular stories. Stories in which the greatest know how to stumble in a way that few could have imagined. Stories in which it is these greatest who can experience defeats in the most difficult ways.

Stories in which just such end up where almost as a rule they sent others. That's how Giorgio Petrosyan passed at the ONE First Strike event, a man whom most kickboxing fans absolutely relevantly call the greatest of all time.

The Italian-Armenian fighter entered the fight for the ONE title up to 70 kilograms with the best ratio in the history of kickboxing. One hundred victories and only two defeats and two draws. The last time he was defeated was in 2013, when he was stopped at Glory by Andy Ristie, and even then many called it a lucky blow for Ristie.

This time, he had one of the best fighters from Thailand against him, Superbon Banchamek, a fighter with the real name Muensang Suppachai. The 31-year-old Thai is known as a great technician, but knockouts are not his weapon.

Of his 112 victories to date (there are also 34 defeats), only 27 came by knockout. Only once in the last eight fights. But that’s where we come again to those amazing stories from the first paragraph.


Superbon today became ONE champion and the man who knocked out Giorgi Petrosyan.

And how! One of the most attractive knockouts of the year. At the beginning of the second round, after the action of the first section, the Thai hit a high kick that immediately put the "Doctor" to sleep. The way his body has landed only further enhances the impression of this spectacular move that will go down in history.

Like the fighter who stopped the greatest, the man who came to lead the show and once again show quality, and then deal with the rest of the category that ONE targeted filled all the best fighters in the world. This is how the showdown will come to the back of the new champion, whose next opponent will be the winner of the Grand Prix tournament.

Unless ONE decides to do a rematch of this fight. No one would blame them for that. If anyone deserves a chance to fight back for something like this, it’s Giorgio Petrosyan. If there is a new fight we will see if Petrosyan can take revenge for the defeat which is really brutal