Tyson Fury responded to Wilder’s public address yesterday

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Tyson Fury responded to Wilder’s public address yesterday

Deontay Wilder's first comment on the third match against Tyson Fury was awaited for five days. Many wondered what the “Bronze Bomber” would say this time around, a bit in fear of not going through a variety of excuses again.

Especially after he didn't accept Fury's greeting at the end of the match, and after some words he just shouted at reporters on the way to the car that sent him to the hospital. Fortunately, when he finally addressed the public on Instagram, Wilder spoke nicely about the match and everything, even expressing satisfaction with what he showed, despite the defeat.

Finally, he added what many would not expect, congratulations to Fury on his victory. With this whole move, he positively surprised and led to the fact that their rivalry in history could remain primarily as something that led to three great matches, where each was better than the previous one.

Fury also seems to be positively delighted with Wilder's reaction to everything, as he has decided to respond. And in a very nice way. He shared Wilder’s Instagram post via his Twitter post, with a comment that speaks volumes.

“The greatest trilogy of all time,” Fury wrote.


Although many will disagree with him, when we know how many great trilogies there have been throughout the history of boxing, there is no doubt that these are matches that brought back to the heavyweight category the popularity it had in the seventies and nineties and in the early years of this century.

The story of Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder is over, at least in terms of their fights, but the two have yet to tell their last. Fury's next match, regardless of who he does it against, will be a special spectacle, and it is possible that Wilder, through the third match, despite the defeat, created the basis for the success of the next matches, which of course comes with an interest.

It undoubtedly exists after what he saw in Las Vegas. It is obvious that the passions calmed down after all and that both fighters showed respect for each other. We will see how their careers develop further. It is known what will happen to Fury, but we still do not know who Wilder's next opponent is and when he will return to the ring.

It certainly won’t be easy for him after all, but after a long domination it’s time for him to try the same again