Canelo has no desire for the third match against Golovkin

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Canelo has no desire for the third match against Golovkin

In recent years, Canelo Alvarez has focused his boxing career on the fact that he is currently mostly considered the best boxer in the world, and he gives more and more arguments for that with each of his performances. The 31-year-old Mexican played 59 matches and was defeated only once.

Better than he was Floyd Mayweather Jr. and that was in 2013 when Canelo was only 23 years old. In addition to that defeat, his resume also includes two draws. The first was experienced as a 16-year-old, while the second is remembered by all boxing fans very well.

It was a meeting with Gennady Golovkin held in the summer of 2017. A great match full of action remained in the shadow of his draw and especially the referee card of Adelaide Byrd, who scored as many as ten rounds in favor of Canelo.

As for analysts and portals, the most common estimate was 7: 5 for Golovkin, as one referee scored, some even went to 8: 4, and only a few agreed with the referee who scored six rounds each. A year later, a rematch was held.

Once again, top boxing was seen in which two grandmasters did their best. Canelo celebrated that time with a majority decision of the referee, but there was no objection to that decision. Although it was possible to score six rounds each this time, which one referee did, the impression is that Canelo was still slightly better and the outcome could not be considered controversial.

But, after all, the third match was expected because the majority still saw this ratio as 1: 1. However, the boxers went in opposite directions and it did not happen, and at the moment only someone remembers him.

Golovkin as an option

As for Canelo, due to the development of the situation after their second rehearsal, he does not currently see Golovkin as a realistic option.

"I'm ready for anything, in the foreground I'm ready for all the biggest fights. You journalists are constantly imposing that trilogy on me, but I'm doing much more important things than him." "Where is he? What has he done since he fought me? Nothing.

I do much more important things in my career, I beat champions and undefeated fighters, ”the Mexican told ESPN Deportes. To what Canelo said hardly anyone can actually object. Since the aforementioned second rehearsal, he has fought six times, while Gennady has played only three matches.

Four of those six Canel matches were really big. So if we don’t count Rocky Fielding and Avni Yildirim, his opponents were Daniel Jacobs, Sergei Kovalev, Callum Smith, and Billy Joe Saunders, and it will soon be followed by an equally big match against Caleb Plant. In addition, he took titles in two categories above the middle, in which he fought against Golovkin.