Jake Paul: "I think Fury earned the chance to fight me"

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Jake Paul: "I think Fury earned the chance to fight me"

The third fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wild attracted a series of reactions, almost all of which were positive. Today we had the opportunity to read how several celebrities expressed their respect and paid tribute to the great match provided by "Gypsy King" and "Bronze Bomber"

Considering it was a boxing match, of course, Jake Paul (4-0-0, 3 KOs) had to get involved in the whole story. The 24-year-old YouTuber has been actively building his boxing career for the last little over a year and a half.

Jake played four professional matches during that period and celebrated in each of them. Currently, his last appearance was in late August this year when he defeated former UFC champion, Tyron Woodley. Chances are good that Jake Paul’s next fight will be against Tommy Fury who is Tyson Fury’s half-brother (same father).

A few days ago, "Gypsy King" told his half-brother that he would change his last name if he lost to Jake Paul, and such comments must have hit the YouTuber in some way. So Jake commented on Twitter in his recognizable style.

"I think Fury finally deserved to fight me," Paul wrote, drawing many reactions, and that was his goal. Clearly, the chances of a fight between Jake Paul and Tyson Fury are minimal. Jake Paul prefers to fight with slightly smaller fighters than himself, and Tyson Fury is quite the opposite.

Paul vs Fury

Considering that Fury is at the very top of the heavyweight division, the difference in quality is hard to fathom at all, it is clear that such a fight will not happen. Jake Paul is aware of this, but YouTuber is a master of provocation and attention.

Jake Paul has had controversial statements many times, but he is aware that this way of behaving brings him popularity and victories, so it is not surprising where it came from. It will be interesting to follow the fight between Paul and Fury Jr., who will surely put on the spectacle we always see in Paul's matches.

And this time we will expect various statements from Paul who does not want to stop the series he has, and show that all the prejudices that most had for his boxing, were actually wrong and that he has a brilliant career ahead of him, which brings him a lot of money.

Tommy Fury certainly has a good mentor who, to remind you, has previously stated that he will give up his brother if he loses to Paul.