Tyson Fury: ‘Wilder’s excuses will start soon, he won’t be back in the ring’

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Tyson Fury: ‘Wilder’s excuses will start soon, he won’t be back in the ring’

After the final chapter of their trilogy ended with the best, highest quality, and most exciting match of the three, but also with Tyson Fury's victory in the 11th round, "Gipsy King" tried to say goodbye to Wilder, shake hands and probably talk briefly about what happened between them happened.

He was unpleasantly surprised when he received a rejection. Later, Wilder's coach Malik Scott said that he was surprised that expressing frustration in the ring did not help Wilder and that he had the same emotions when it came to Fury as before the match.

"I'm an athlete, I approached him to show love and respect, but he didn't want to fight back. That's why I'm praying for him," Fury told BT Sport at the time.


He said something more about that in an interview for Behind The Gloves.

In that statement, Wilder did not spare, that is, he assumed what could happen. "I'm sure he'll have a lot of excuses again. He always does it because he's a bad loser. The equipment can't be an excuse this time.

His coaches were in my locker room again, they checked everything and no questions remain. He was defeated cleanly. and honestly, that's all we can say about Deontay Wilder. I'll be surprised if he ever re-enters the ring, "Fury said.

Deontay has so far had only one excuse to make in passing as he left the hall. He said Fury put on pounds so he could “hang” on him. This is actually not far from the truth, but the same can certainly be considered a strategy.

Tyson already said in the announcement of the match that this time he will not let Wilder breathe, that he will try to be as close to him as possible all the time. With the extra weight, he certainly made that job easier. Wilder coach Malik Scott confirmed that Deontay has decided to take a break from boxing, during which he won’t even think about it, but added that his boxer fully deserved it because he has been training like never before in his life.

The question is what Wilder's motivation will be after the second defeat by Fury, ie whether there will be a potential match that would awaken in him a desire to train and prove himself. If that is not in the required amount, the question is how smart it is to return just for the money.

And through his career, but mostly through matches against Fury, he earned enough for a carefree life for himself and his family.