Scott Malik coach revealed that Wilder will be absent for some time

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Scott Malik coach revealed that Wilder will be absent for some time

Despite the big changes Malik Scott made in Deontay Wilder’s boxing, it wasn’t enough for his friend, and formerly a former opponent, to come away with a win in the third match against Tyson Fury. Wilder boxed differently, was ready for Fury’s tactics from the last match and it must be admitted that probably some other things would have been different had “Gipsy King” not had another secret weapon, another novelty with which he entered the match.

This refers to the weight since with 17 kilograms of excess he managed to further tire Wilder in the later rounds and finish. Deontay presented a big heart, but in the end, failed to come to victory. But his coach Scott is proud of everything he did in the match.

He talked about it in his hotel room, where he let an ESNews reporter. "We went to the doctor after the fight, everything is fine. Deontay has a dissected lip and broke his hand, finger, or ankle. Life goes on," said Scott, who did not show any dissatisfaction.

Scott on the match

The match was exciting for him as a participant of the same and he says he saw a lot of what he actually expected. "I've always said that Fury is not only good but very good, in fact fantastic. After this match, I consider him a great fighter.

He has my respect. Wilder was great, but Fury was greater." "A better man won. We almost beat him and it was a great experience, ”Scott revealed once again with satisfaction. After two matches and two defeats, Wilder will retire from boxing for a while.

It is unknown at this time whether this will be a permanent decision or he will return and try again. He earned unquestionably enough and now everything is just a matter of the desire to achieve results, or motivation for training to get there.

"Deontay is now saying he won't do anything about boxing for a while. And I want to give him some rest, especially after this fight. Because even after last he worked overtime on himself, he couldn't afford a break." "And he deserved a break.

And I will make sure he gets it, ”revealed another Scott, who has definitely gained on his coaching reputation with this match and there is no doubt that we will soon see him again in the corner of some big boxing name. The only question is when Wilder will be back again, but I expect him soon