Tyson Fury's wife calls out Deontay Wilder

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Tyson Fury's wife calls out Deontay Wilder

Last weekend, in the early hours of Sunday, we witnessed a great fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. "Gypsy King" celebrated in the 11th round of the match and thus ended the trilogy against its biggest rival.

Both boxers can turn to other options, and it is likely that both will benefit from focusing on some other opponents. Martial arts are very stressful for the fighters, and it is not much easier for their loved ones who accompany them while performing.

Paris Fury, Tyson Fury’s wife, is well aware of the stress that comes through every performance of her husband. In an interview with iFL TV, she revealed how she felt watching the third match between Wilder and Fury.

'' Phew. That's how I feel. Yes, obviously it was hard for my nerves. This has been difficult for anyone who is a fan, so imagine how I feel like a wife. It was scary. It's not nice to watch. It's a terrible situation and I don't know what to think about it.

" Paris also touched on "Bronze Bomber" There is a lot of "bad blood" between Fury and Wilder, and although "Gypsy King" tried to bury the hatchet after the match, Wilder decided that he did not want to show any respect to the British boxer.

Tyson Fury’s wife was quite critical of Wilder. '' It looked like it was a matter of time before Wilder fell. Three rounds he seemed like he needed to be knocked out, but he’s a solid guy. However, it is obvious that it is not solid enough."

Fury is coming home

Paris believes that Wilder has nothing more to say and that the results in the previous three matches are a sufficient indicator of who is a better fighter. Obviously, Paris was frustrated with Wilder's behavior after the match because indeed Wilder did not show fair play even though Fury tried to calm things down "Maybe he'll shut up now and go home to his bed.

He lost three times and we don’t want to hear his name anymore. Let him go do something else he’s good at because he’s obviously not good at boxing." "He’s the finished story for Tyson and I just want him to come home.

He has only spent two weeks at home in the last six months, '' Paris said Tyson Fury will return home and rest after everything, and after the rest prepare for the match that awaits him