Tyson Fury considers Deontay Wilder a bad loser

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Tyson Fury considers Deontay Wilder a bad loser

The heavyweight classic was afforded to us by Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The "Gypsy King" came to victory again by knocking out the "Bronze Bomber" in the 11th round of the fight.

Wilder also had his moments in the match, especially in the fourth round when he shook Fury twice and sent him to the floor. Although there was a lot of "evil blood" before the match between the two great heavyweights, Fury tried to bury the hatchets after the fight.

However, the disappointed Deontay Wilder was not in the mood for a hug and conversation and Fury encountered a kind of rejection by the American boxer. "I approached him and said, 'Good fight, man, and he told me I don't want to show you any respect or athletic behavior.'

I replied, 'No problem.' I was surprised. He's an indignant loser, idiot," Fury said. after the victory. Tyson Fury tried to behave in the manner of a real athlete, but it should also be understood that Wilder, who finds it very difficult to lose again with an stoppage.

"I am an athlete, I approached him to show love and respect, but he did not want to show it. That is why I am praying for him," Fury added in a statement to BT Sport.

Fury talked to ESPN

Television footage confirms Fury's allegations, and "Gypsy King" really approached his opponent after the match.

However, Wilder ignored him and headed to the hospital for a checkup. Tyson Fury in the continuation of the interview for BT Sport commented on the match against a great rival. "He knocked me down a couple of times, I suffered, Wilder is a strong hitter.

It was a great fight. I won't come up with any excuses. Wilder is a top fighter and tortured me well for this money. But I always said I was the best in the world and he was the first behind me. Never doubt me. When the stakes are on the table, I can always deliver ...

", concluded Fury. After the fight, Fury also spoke for ESPN "As the great John Wayne said, I am made of iron and steel. First of all, I want to thank my master and savior, Jesus Christ. He made my legs strong. I ended up on the floor a few times and I was hurt.

Wilder hits hard and is solid." 'He (Wilder) has no love for me. Do you know why? Because I beat him three times. I am an athlete, I tried to give my respect to him, but he refused. That's his problem. I will pray for him that God will soften his heart. "