Wilder after the match: ‘I did my best, but it wasn’t enough’

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Wilder after the match: ‘I did my best, but it wasn’t enough’

Again, Deontay Wilder lost by a stoppage in the fight against Tyson Fury. The trilogy is now concluded and it is clear that "Gypsy King" is still a better boxer. However, the "Bronze Bomber" suffered the only two defeats in 45 professional matches against Fury, and this does not significantly diminish his value as a boxer.

Wilder opened the third match well, won the first round, and performed much better than in February last year when Fury outclassed him and came away with a stoppage in the seventh round. This time, the American boxer signed the capitulation in the eleventh round of the fight, but during the fourth round, he was not far from celebrating.

Namely, Wilder even sent Fury to the floor twice in the mentioned round, but after that, the Briton took full control of the fight. Deontay Wilder was visibly falling in shape and the impression was that it was only a matter of time before Fury knocked him out.

Wilder after the fight

Despite everything, Wilder still had short flashes where he would seriously threaten Fury, but "Gypsy King" was too much for him. Wilder ended up knocked out in the 11th round, but no one can dispute the fighting spirit and heart he showed in this match.

'' I did my best, but I wasn't good enough. I'm not sure what happened. I knew he was doing some things in training and I also knew he hadn’t gained that much weight to be a ballet dancer." "He came, leaned against me, approached and took the opportunity, ”Wilder said in his first statement after the match.

Fury and Wilder provided us with a match to remember and the American despite the defeat should not overly regret this defeat. He lost to a great boxer, he did his best, but as he said, it just wasn’t enough this time.

We hope that Wilder will stay on the boxing scene after two heavy defeats because he can certainly provide a lot more against other boxers from the top of the category. Obviously, Fury was much more prepared and showed he was a better fighter.

The excuses Wilder had in the previous fight this time he will not have because he is aware that Fury has shown that he is more ready at this moment. We will see what will happen after all, ie who will be Wilder's next opponent and whether this defeat will shake him.