Fury vs Wilder: A little more until the spectacular match!

Sunday morning will give us an answer to the question of what we will watch

by Sead Dedovic
Fury vs Wilder: A little more until the spectacular match!

We welcomed the second big heavyweight boxing match in just two weeks. After Oleksandr Usyk defeated Anthony Joshua and surprised many, we will follow the third match of Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, with the WBC World Champion belt at stake.

It is an essay that has a colorful history behind it, but also serious tails and can bring two extremely different epilogues. 35-year-old Deontay Wilder, a bronze Olympian from Beijing (after whom he was nicknamed "Bronze Bomber"), achieved 40 victories from the same number of matches by the first meeting with Fury, of which as many as 39 by knockout.

He dominated in the American rings while everyone secretly hoped for his match against the second champion, of course against Joshua. Due to the circumstances, he got another Briton as an opponent, at that time a former world champion who returned to boxing after being on the brink of a private abyss.

Fury overcame mental illness, suicidal thoughts, alcoholism, and extreme obesity in moments when no one believed he could do it. And then he did a great match against Wilder. In their first rehearsal, in December 2018, Fury boxed better than the then champion, but towards the end of the match he received heavy blows and ended up on the floor twice.

How he got up like a "zombie" in the 12th round still looks amazing today, and his almost insane attack after that looked even more incredible. In the end, the match ended without a winner by the referee's decision, which left the championship belt to Wilder.

They both successfully played two matches after that and in February 2020 we got a new match. Fury stated after the first match that he learned how to beat Wilder in the last round. He showed that in the second match. He became an aggressor, an attacker moving towards his opponent and thus surprised Wilder.

He literally beat him seven rounds before it ended. Fury remained undefeated and also reached the WBC belt.


A clause on the third match existed and Wilder announced to activate it, but the match was not agreed upon throughout 2020.

So we listened to various Wilder excuses as to why he lost. The first was that the costume in which he reached the ring was too heavy and that walking exhausted him. This was followed by an accusation against one coach that he had poisoned his water, and he did not forget about Fury either, accusing him of not having proper bandages.

In the end, he fired the coach who threw the towel, in fact, the only member of his team who did a good thing that day. He accused him of doing so in collusion with Fury's team. During this year, Fury claimed that Wilder missed his chance for a rematch and set out to work on arranging a match against Anthony Joshua.

After months of difficult negotiations, everything was finally agreed at the end of the spring, followed by a shock. Wilder worked with the legal team the entire time, which won a court decision according to which Fury is obliged to play the third match against him or leave the championship belt.

The situation suddenly reversed, Joshua went into a match against Usyk, while Fury was supposed to settle the deal with Wilder on July 24, but was caught by COVID-19 and the match was postponed to October 9th. That date has come and everything is ready for the match Sunday morning will give us an answer to the question of what we will watch and in which direction the world heavyweight boxing will go. All in all, it will be more than interesting.