Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder did the weighing

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Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder did the weighing

Tyson Fury will have a huge weight advantage in tomorrow's match against Deontay Wilder. Namely, "Gypsy King" weighed as much as 277 "pounds" (125.65 kg), while Deontay Wilder weighed 39 "pounds" (17.69) and the scale showed him 238 "pounds" (107.95 kg).

By the way, Fury did not weigh like this in his 31 professional matches as he does today. The British boxer before the first fight with Wilder was noticeably lighter than now. Fury weighed 256.5 "pounds" at the time, and in the second match his weight was 273 "pounds"

Wilder was at 212.5 "pounds" in the first match, and appeared in the second with 231 "pounds" "Bronze Bomber" has also never been this fat in his career than he is for this match. Fury is extremely motivated and wants to dominate Wilder again after a convincing victory in the second match between them.

Immediately after weighing, the "Gypsy King" said: '' Look at his condition. His heart was pounding and his balls are inside him. Here is a man who will destroy you ‘dosser’. Yes, 'Gypsy King'"

"Tyson Fury is the name of a fighting game. I can't wait for Saturday night. I will really seriously injure him and he will be unrecognizable after the fight. " Deontay Wilder is again significantly lighter than his opponent, but "Bronze Bomber" points out that he is not worried about this information.

'' I'm lifting 350 'pounds' in the bench (158.75 kilograms) and therefore it doesn't matter how heavy he will be. I can lie on my back and lift him." "I am now rejuvenated and renewed. Redemption is upon us and I can’t wait to show the world what I can do.

The world will meet Deontay Wilder again, '' Wilder said after the weigh-in.


The fight of the two heavyweights for the WBC heavyweight belt will take place in the early Sunday hours of our time. The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas will host the event.

Deontay Wilder seems to have completely lost the trust of bookmakers after their second match against Tyson Fury. Namely, "Gypsy King" in February 2020 dominated the "Bronze Bomber" and celebrated with a stoppage in the seventh round of the fight.

Deontay Wilder as a result is now under the status of a big outsider. Namely, according to most bookmakers, the odds for Fury to win vary from 1.35 to 1.45, while the odds for Wilder to win range from 3.15 to 3.70. Maybe Wilder is too much of an outsider after all, regardless of the last match in which Fury seemed to be a far better boxer.

"Bronze Bomber" is a boxer with a devastating blow and there is always the possibility to end the match with one well-placed shot.
Weighing results (in lb):
Tyson Fury (277) vs. Deontay Wilder (238) Robert Helenius (246) vs. Adam Kownacki (258) Efe Ajagba (237) vs. Frank Sanchez (240) Jared Anderson (240) vs. Vladimir Tereshkin (256)