Bob Arum angry at the FOX presenter for the confrontation

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Bob Arum angry at the FOX presenter for the confrontation

The press conference before the match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder ended violently, with a situation where the presenter had to interrupt the loud discussion. But it was intense even after the stage emptied and the media surrounded Bob Arum.

The 89-year-old promoter, who heads the organization of this match, was frustrated by host Kate Abdo’s attempt to put the boxers in a confrontational pose. Namely, the moment she invited Fury and Wilder to approach each other, Bob shouted loudly from the audience not to do so, and in the end, he managed to prevent a situation that scared him.

Of course, the media was interested in why he did not allow the moment that is usually at the end of similar events, and he explained, by the way, he was angry at the 40-year-old presenter from FOX television, Kate Abdo.

"We keep things under control so that nothing unwanted happens. If there was a confrontation, we know they would probably attack each other. There was no security on stage, and that fool was trying to connect them."

"Because she's from FOX, I believe it was all made up. Who would stop them if anything happened? They are emotional, they are fighters and above all people, and for some time in front of the world they insult each other, say the worst things to each other."

"This is acceptable because words can't do any harm. But if you set them up as angry dogs, it's like forcing something to happen, "Arum said, further expressing his frustration with Abdo: "No confrontation, bring security.

They understood that. The problem is these people from FOX, don't know anything. They brought this woman from Britain, and she adapted the whole conference to Wilder." "I don't care about that, but it's clear what she did.

She also knew that we had agreed that there would be no confrontation. We said there was none and what did she do? She says that now there will be confrontations. Fu*k her and fu*k them, we saved the match. "

Abdo answered

Abdo gave her comment on everything via a post on Instagram, ie a message in "Story"

"To look back at the confrontation. I did what the transmission director believed was agreed upon. But that doesn't matter now. According to Bob Arum, I have nothing but respect for the whole empire he built." "I know what he means for boxing and what sport owes him.

Also, I think his expression in the interview was completely inappropriate. Of course, it will be disappointing when you experience it from someone you apreciate. It's life, not everyone will give you what you deserve," Abdo wrote.