Wilder before the match: "I know a lot, but I'm not going to talk"

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Wilder before the match:  "I know a lot, but I'm not going to talk"

A year and eight months after the last match, in which Tyson Fury came to a convincing and dominant victory, Deontay Wilder still claims that there was a lot around the match that he could not influence, which led him to defeat.

Starting from the first excuses, how weak his performance was due to the weight of the costume with which he came to the ring to how bad he looked in the ring because one of the coaches poisoned his water. Of course, there were various other attacks on Fury and his team, as well as on the Nevada State Commission itself.

In short, Wilder was to blame for the defeat of absolutely everything but himself. That he still sticks to it, he revealed at an official press conference ahead of the match to be held this weekend, on the night of Saturday, October 9th to Sunday, October 10th.

Asked if he regretted everything he said and all the excuses he uttered, Wilder revealed that he was actually still convinced of it all, adding that he hadn’t even said it all. "I do not regret anything I said. I believe in all this and such I will go to the grave.

I have evidence that it was not fair. You can lie, but your eyes do not lie." "You can believe what you want, but what you see with your eyes is not a lie. I know a lot, but I'm not going to talk. It all made me a better man and boxer because I saw some things, it made me hungrier." "I wouldn't change it today because I actually needed it," Wilder said, shortly after which he was asked how it is now felt and what energy passes through it:


"My energy today is like my mind, very violent.

I'm ready. I've sacrificed, I've dedicated my time and my body to this. My team and I are ready to present myself to the world again." "People always take my words out of context, that's why now I'm silent. Like I said, silence is gold.

Now all that's left for me is action. I didn't plan to speak today either, but I decided to come. I'll show mine in the ring. " He repeated several times that he enters the match without losing anything, but with a lot to gain.

To this, host Kate Abdo replied that a boxer like him brings his own legacy as a stake in every match. "I have nothing to lose. No legacy is lost. It leaves with a man only when he dies, and I am very much alive," he answered like a Christian preacher.

Wilder didn’t have much to say even when it came to the final word. He only briefly invited everyone to follow the match. "I can't say much that hasn't already been said. I can tell you to prepare for the battlefield and for war.

That's the way it is, a great fight awaits us. As you can see, I'm wearing red and I'm ready to come back in blood.", Wilder concluded