Tyson Fury told Brother Tommy: ‘I’ll change your last name if you lose to Jake Paul’

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Tyson Fury told Brother Tommy: ‘I’ll change your last name if you lose to Jake Paul’

There is a lot of rumor that Tommy Fury (7-0-0, 4 KOs) will do the next fight against Jake Paul. Tyson Fury's brother (after his father) is a big star in Britain, but the reason for that lies more in his participation in the reality called Love Island than in his boxing career so far.

Namely, 22-year-old Tommy recorded seven victories, but against the underage competition, and confirmation of his quality is still pending. It’s questionable how much of a potential fight against Youtube star Jake Paul speaks something about the quality of Tommy Fury, but Tyson Fury thinks a defeat by Jake Paul would say more than enough.

‘‘ I think it’s a fight that needs to happen, Tommy and Jake are going to fight. If Tommy can’t beat Jake Paul, I’ll personally retire him when it's about boxing." "Let him forget about boxing if he can’t celebrate in that fight.

He has the ambition to become a world champion and therefore a win against some guy from Youtube should not be a problem for him." "However, it’s a great fight for the world of social media and the kids who follow both of them.

It would be a spectacle and a great fight to watch." "But Tommy, his last name is Fury. If he can’t beat Jake Paul, I’ll change his last name, ’’ Tyson Fury told Boxing Social.

Tyson on their fight

Tommy Fury was a guest at the MMA Hour and stated that there is some hope that an agreement will be reached with Jake Paul.

However, Tyson Fury’s brother stressed that he plans to fight in December, whether the opponent is Paul or any other light heavyweight boxer. By the way, Tommy currently had his last match on August 29 when he defeated Anthony Taylor by a unanimous decision of the referees after four minutes of fighting.

The fight took place at the same event in which Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley, and Paul and Fury had a close encounter after the matches. It is obvious that there are talented fighters in the Fury family, and that we can expect to see Tomy's talent as well.

For now, Paul has shown that he is a great fighter and that all stories related to him fall into the water. It is clear that Paul is well prepared and has a talent for boxing, but Fury is someone who should achieve a victory in this match, although Paul has repeatedly shown that he is the best when he does not have the role of favorite.

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