White reacted to the death of the bare-knuckle boxer: ‘Is anyone surprised?’

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White reacted to the death of the bare-knuckle boxer: ‘Is anyone surprised?’

The martial arts world was surprised yesterday and shocked by the news that Justin Thornton, the MMA fighter who played his last match in bare-knuckle (without gloves), has passed away. The 38-year-old ended up in hospital on Aug.

20 after suffering a severe knockout in a fight against Dillon Cleckler at the BKFC 20 event. The cause of death has not been officially announced, but unofficial information says that Thornton actually died of pneumonia (pneumonia), which he may have suffered as a result of the apparatus (fan) to which he was connected.

UFC President Dana White commented on the tragic case after last night’s Contender Series. '' First of all, is anyone shocked? I mean really, we're talking bare-knuckle fights. I'm not a big fan. When I see some of our people going to fight there, you could say I’m worried."

"On the other hand, we have been organizing fights for 25 years, over seven thousand fights have been done and no one has ended up seriously injured in the UFC, '' Dana began.

Medical care

White did not miss the opportunity to praise his promotion and pointed out how much money they spend on medical care around their fighters.

'' We spend over $ 20 million every year on medical tests. We send 25 percent of our fighters to specialists. If the brain tests do not go well, we send them to a specialist." "If there are irregularities with the work of the heart, we also send fighters to specialists.

We spend money until we find out what’s wrong. As a result, we have had ten cases of fighters in the past 20 years who had life-threatening problems and had to end their careers." "Those fighters would probably continue to fight if they weren't in the UFC and might die.

" The UFC president wanted to let everyone know that other martial arts promotions can’t be compared to the UFC when it comes to the conditions and medical tests they perform on their fighters. '' So you can't classify bare-knuckle boxing in the same sentence with us.

These are two completely different worlds. Yes, we are sorry to hear that a fighter has passed away, but in other organizations, you will never come across the level of testing we have here in the UFC, '' Dana White said at the end.

Indeed, we have to agree with White, although the emphasis is on the UFC being dangerous, fortunately so far there have been no lethal outcomes