Fury on Wilder's statements: "I'll cheat again by smashing his face"

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Fury on Wilder's statements: "I'll cheat again by smashing his face"

The early hours of Sunday are getting closer and so is the third fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. There is a lot of "bad blood" between these two great heavyweight boxers, and Deontay Wilder and his team after the defeat in the last match made various accusations against Tyson Fury.

"Doctors found that my brother had a dent on the side of his head, and the same was caused by a blunt object hitting him in the head during the last fight." "Examination found that no glove or fist could have caused such damage.

My father once told me that if "You pull a gun on someone, then you better kill him. Because if you don't, he'll come back and kill you. The king will get up again, we're coming for blood," Deontay Wilder's younger brother said at the time.

"Gypsy King" was a guest in the latest edition of the MMA Hour and was given the opportunity to comment on the accusations of cheating. We remind you that, apart from Wilder's brother, Deontay also spoke out, who recently characterized Fury as one of the biggest cheaters in boxing.

Tyson Fury looked back at it with a laugh. '' You know what? I'll cheat again by smashing his face. Judging by his statements, it’s cheating because he shouldn’t lose. Unfortunately, I will beat him again."

"I had horseshoes in my gloves. You know I'm a gypsy? Have you ever watched Peaky Blinders? I filled the gloves with horseshoes and dynamite. This time I will do the same, but I will put a little more metal. " Deontay Wilder had a variety of excuses for the defeat he suffered against Fury in February last year.

From the metal objects in Fury’s gloves all the way to coach Mark Breland and the overweight suit in which he entered the ring.

Calling out

Now the "Bronze Bomber" has started calling out Fury for cheating and using doping, and Tyson believes that something like this is expected from a person who is totally dominated in the last match.

'' It all says a lot about him. We’ve boxed a total of 19 rounds so far, and he’s won in two of those 19. However, you have to respect anyone who puts on a pair of gloves and agrees to any fight, be it MMA, kickboxing, muay Thai, or boxing, it doesn’t matter is.

Each of them is training and wants to win. '', Said Fury and continued the story of Wilder. "As far as Wilder is concerned, I think all these statements come from him because I simply have his people on my side.

His coach is on my side." "I'm here like Tommy Shelby. Everyone is on my payroll. His coach Jay Diaz is also on my payroll. He was in the locker room while they were putting on my gloves, so he certainly helped me with the cheating, '' Fury added sarcastically.

Still, the Briton is aware that Wilder must promote the fight, especially after such a heavy defeat he suffered in their last clash. '' I have to add something though. Whether he believes everything he says or not, it's a different matter altogether.

He has to try to sell the fight in some way." "It is up to him to find the reasons why he can win. I expect progress from him. If he has not progressed, then this should be an extremely easy fight for me because I know that I have progressed. ", " Gypsy King "cocnluded