Justin Thornton (6-18-0) died after the injuries he got on Aug. 20

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Justin Thornton (6-18-0) died after the injuries he got on Aug. 20

Unfortunately, MMA veteran Justin Thornton (6-18-0) died after the injuries he got on Aug. 20 in a bare-knuckle boxing match (boxing without gloves) against Dillon Cleckler. The 38-year-old Thornton lost his fight against Cleckler at the BKFC 20 event by a heavy knockout after just 19 seconds of fighting.

Thornton was taken out of the ring on a stretcher and ended up in hospital. The fight for his life has continued to this day, but the American heavyweight fighter has unfortunately not recovered. The exact cause of death is currently unknown, and Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) president Dave Feldman made a brief statement.

‘‘ This morning, with great sadness, we were informed that one of our fighters, Justin Thornton, who was competing in the BKFC 20 event on August 20 this year, had passed away." "We join the rest of the martial arts community in expressing condolences to his family and loved ones.

’’ Dave Feldman said in a statement to MMA Junkie. By the way, Thornton has played a total of 24 MMA matches, but he has lost as many as 18 times. Thornton had five MMA defeats in a row before the fateful bare-knuckle match and lost all five with stoppage in the first round.

Thornton has no notable wins in his career, and UFC heavyweights Chase Sherman and Walt Harris are the most famous names he has entered the ring/cage with.


By the way, Cleckler and Thornton fought in 2013 according to MMA rules, so the tragic bare-knuckle match is actually a kind of rematch.

Both times Dillon Cleckler celebrated who has 11 wins in 12 MMA appearances, while in bare-knuckle he has celebrated three times in a row. Truly things like this are tragic for sports, and this seems to be all but sports.

It is obvious that we see such things more and more often in the rings of various promotions, and that the fighters come out either badly injured or there are such tragic situations. It is necessary that the leading people in the organizations start working in the direction that such things do not happen because it is obvious that there are great possibilities for similar outcomes in the future.

We are aware of many cases related to this, which indicate that things should be arranged in such a way that fighters do not experience tragic injuries, or that there are lethal outcomes.