Joe Joyce thinks he would beat Usyk because of the style he has

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Joe Joyce thinks he would beat Usyk because of the style he has

One of the biggest losers of the whole mess that happened this summer in professional heavyweight boxing is Joe Joyce. He had a big match ahead of him against Oleksandr Usyk, a match for the official WBO challenger, but after all the things that occurred after Deontay Wilder won the right to the third match against Tyson Fury, he was left without a match.

As Usyk already had that status of a prescribed challenger, he went into the match against Joshua while Joyce was left out. "Juggernaut" did a match against Carlos Takam, where he won with a stoppage in the sixth round, bringing his ratio to 13-0, with 12 wins by knockout.

As Usyk won three titles with the victory over Joshua, Joe took the position of the first WBO challenger and hopes for his chance after Usyk and Joshua have a rematch. In this way, he discovered where he sees himself in the current heavyweight top and what his attitude is towards other top boxers.

"I think Usyk suits me best of all the boxers from the very top. Joshua is much more likely to knock me out, while Fury is more likely to outperform me." "But they're all great, they're all the highest level possible and they all have different skills.

which certainly sets them apart from each other." "Usyk is the same, but he is a smaller guy and a counter guard. I must not forget Deontay Wilder, he has that phenomenal punching power. There are so many exciting fights against the biggest names possible, "Joyce said in an interview.

for Sun. With Joshua, Joyce used to pair before, especially at the time when they were amateurs, ie British super heavyweights number 1 and 2. He played a match with Usyk in 2013 in the WSB League, and the Ukrainian then celebrated with the referee's decision after five rounds.


The duo’s match was viewed more from an analytical side, automatically looking within their styles for a place for themselves. "I think Joshua suits Usyk a lot more than I would. My style is something Usyk doesn't like.

That's why I think he waited patiently for a chance to fight Joshua." "I throw more blows and again I would have a great training camp in which we would work out tactics to defeat him. It’s a match I can win, especially if it’s for the belts, ”Joyce added, but we have to admit we don’t really see how he would respond to the speed of the Ukrainian.

Because that is where the biggest difference between the two is. Joyce is strong and technically great, but maybe even with below-average slow legs and arms. He failed to defeat Usyk for the first time, but eight years is a long period.

Especially since in the meantime, they have both become already hardened professionals. "I think I looked good in our first match, it was a tough fight, but also a fight I enjoyed."