Triller dropped out of the match between Lopez and Kambosos Jr.

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Triller dropped out of the match between Lopez and Kambosos Jr.

A new player on the world martial arts scene, Triller, in February this year made an important move in the direction of showing the seriousness of their intentions. They appeared at the auction of fees (purse bid) for the match of WBA, WBO and IBF lightweight champion, Teofimo Lopez, against the obligatory challenger George Kambosos Jr.

and there they made by far the strongest offer, much more generous than Matchroom and Lopez’s Top Rank promoter, all with the goal of getting the organization of the big match. Unfortunately, almost eight months later, that match was still not held, and after a few delays, Triller decided to retire.

It is best to explain everything from the beginning. The thriller, which entered boxing late last year by organizing an event led by an exhibition match between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., showed its intentions by offering an incredible six million dollars in fees.

How unrealistic this amount is evidenced by the fact that the two main competitors in total offered less. Matchroom offered 3.5 million and Top Rank 2.3. But Triller decided to enter the big stage with this match. They needed some purse bid and they saw an opportunity there.

Who would blame them? Plus, it’s nice to see boxers get big fees. The only thing is that in the end, the situation is such that they probably won't get them.


Although it was assumed that the match could end as early as April on the program with Jake Paul and Ben Askren, the first confirmed date for this match was June 5, but Triller moved it the same two weeks later.

The reason is not stated, but it is assumed that they did not want to compete with the match between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul the same weekend. Unfortunately, in the meantime, Lopez was positive for COVID, so there was a new delay.

The thriller then came up with the idea to do everything in September and move the match to Australia, where it could take place at a full stadium, but Lopez refused, unwilling to undergo a two-week quarantine as a condition of entering the state.

After that, it was finally agreed on October 6 as a date, and the match was to take place in New York. A week ago, there was a new change. The thriller has now decided to move the match to October 16, to which Kambosos responded by asking for an additional $ 400,000 in his fee or he will not agree to the same.

And what happened in the end? The thriller decided to retire from the organization of the match after literally juggling with the boxers for eight months. They have clearly proved that they are not capable of getting into this game, and it seems that Lopez will be left without his guaranteed almost 4 million dollars, and Kambosos without his two, which is arguably the highest fee he has received and which many believe will ever approach him.

The situation is now such that Matchroom have the right to take over the match, but the question is how the boxers will react to the almost twofold reduction in fees.