Vitor Belfort praised Holyfield after the match

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Vitor Belfort praised Holyfield after the match

Vitor Belfort received a lot of criticism after his exhibition match against Evander Holyfield last month. The main reason for this is the age difference, as Belfort is as much as 14 years younger than the 58-year-old former boxing champion.

In addition, he was preparing for a match against Oscar De La Hoya, instead of which Holyfield jumped in as a replacement fighter shortly before the match. Considering all the above, it should come as no surprise that the match ended already in the first round, with Belfort winning by technical knockout.

Criticism increased, of course, then, as many felt that Belfort should not have gone out of his way to get a knockout against the rather elderly gentleman, but he prepared a response for them. "He tried to rip my head off, once he missed me with such a hard blow that he fell to the floor hitting himself.

If I hadn't moved my head to that blow, I would have spun on the floor." "I don't care what people say, I beat the most powerful heavyweight in history, the man who defeated Tyson. Unfortunately, there will always be ‘haters’ who criticize."

"Is it worth fighting against someone over 50? If I win, there will always be criticism. This animal was strong, tense as a horse and he boxed well and very accurately." "Nobody says how well I boxed and how accurate I was.

They talk about how bad he was. And he wasn't bad at all but I demolished him, "Belfort told AG Fight. thereby revealing that he did not consider himself to have had an equal opponent against himself.

Belfort on his match

Belfort briefly commented on the match, ie its beginning, the moment when he started attacking, and the moment when the match was stopped.

He confirmed that he thinks the referee's stoppage was good. "I was careful and because of that I started slower. But when he started then my time came. When you feel the blood, it's time to hunt." "It was unnecessary to let the match go longer, looking at his age.

He received a lot of uppercuts in his chin. The first one was quite strong. After that, a few more followed," the Brazilian fighter confirmed. Belfort expressed a desire to stay in boxing after the match, where he would be very happy to meet some of his former MMA rivals.

In the foreground could be Anderson Silva, who is dedicated to boxing and looks very good for now, and Wanderlei Silva, who was the last to give Phenom an open challenge.