Tony Yoka will lose gold and Joe Joyce will get it !?

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Tony Yoka will lose gold and Joe Joyce will get it !?

The British Daily Mail has come up with information that could seriously shake up the world boxing scene. Namely, as they state, there is a big possibility that the gold medal from the super heavyweight tournament of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will change its owner.

As a reminder, the final match ended with the victory of Tony Yoke over Joe Joyce, and after that French boxer added his Olympic medal to his world gold. The British had objections to the final outcome, but it was still overshadowed by some other matches from the same Games, which actually led to a fierce revolt and the fact that AIBA was left without the right to manage Olympic boxing.

But now this match is in the foreground. The aforementioned media outlet tells the story of how Richard McLaren, the man in charge of uncovering the doping scandal of Russian athletes, who was backed by their government, is now investigating the Rio de Janeiro Olympic boxing tournament.

He came to the discovery that there some boxers were favored ahead of others, in the foreground boxers from France and Uzbekistan. Here we return to the aforementioned final match of the super heavyweight category, around which “Mail” actually put together a story.

However, they added that they could not be sure that Joyce’s silver medal would be replaced by gold. Interestingly, McLaren was summoned to this investigation by the AIBA organization, due to suspicions about the actions of their former director, the Frenchman Karim Bouzidi.


McLaren's report is also related to the match that actually raised the most dust in Rio de Janeiro. It is the quarterfinals of the bantamweight category in which the then-current world champion, Michael Conlan from Ireland, was defeated by Vladimir Nikitin from Russia by a split decision.

There were several other controversies at the games, including the defeat of Hrvoje Sepa by the Brazilian representative, but it is unlikely that such matches were investigated. It is obvious that scandals are an integral part of any sport, but the positive thing is that such scandals are revealed, which should certainly affect the reduction of similar things in the future.

It is not yet known whether this is actually true and whether the information is reliable, but it is likely that something happened at the Olympics. If it turns out that there were some illegal acts, the penalties should be drastic and certainly that such things are a disgrace to the sport, and that they should be eradicated as soon as possible.