Manny Pacquiao officially retired with an emotional video

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Manny Pacquiao officially retired with an emotional video

After announcing last week that his boxing career was over, Manny Pacquiao officially did so via a video posted on his official Facebook page. Videos in which he decided to individually thank all the most important people related to his career and the fans and media who have certainly enriched it in the best possible way.

All this with various recordings from his 25-year-long professional career, in which he became the champion of eight different categories of professional boxing and is currently the only boxer to hold an elite world title in four different decades.

What many will still consider most important is his charisma and character. He is a boxer and a man about whom almost no one can say a single ugly word, who has always been an example of sports and cultural behavior and who has always remained a man firmly with both feet on the ground, a man who respected his every fan in the stands or hotel guys as much as his opponents, the boxing people who made it all possible for him or the various “celebrities” who attended his matches.

His career

"I heard my last bell," Manny said just after half of this video, then letting emotions take over, before finally saying goodbye to boxing, a sport whose one of the best promoters and representatives of all time, an example of what anyone who pull on gloves should be.

The last five minutes brings a compilation of Manny’s great moments, perfectly blended with the musical background, where we not see him only as a boxer but as a husband, son, father, friend and believer. It is obvious that his departure will create an emptiness and that real boxing fans will miss one such personality who made our evenings better with his performances.

To remind you, Pacquiao is a Filipino boxer who had his first fight back in 1995, and in 2001 he decided to head to the USA and develop his career even more. He made a great move, won many belts and was remembered as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

He had his last performance against Ugas where he lost, which was certainly one of the reasons why he decided to retire from this sport. But the real reason is age he is in and it is obvious that Pacquiao can no longer be on the same level. We will see if Pacquiao will become a coach or he will try in another field after the end of his career